10 Halloween Must Haves That Will Scare The Shirt Off Your Back!

Posted by CJ Anna on

These Halloween costumes, candy and decorations will help you win the Halloween best costume and awesomest decor contest this year.  Check out our faves.  

Can you guess where this zombie baby is crawling to? You guessed it, the LIVING room!

This GOT white walker mask is the perfect thing to wear to a cosplay or costume party and ged down to Lil Jon and Eastside Boys song "To the window, to the WALL"   White Walker Mask

This inflatable T-Rex costume for when you have to have tea with your friend Rex.  Inflatable T-Rex Costume

This LED Stick figure costume that lets you play hangman by yourself.  stick figure costume

This Morphsuit alien looking costume for when you need to look out of this world. Morphsuit alien costume

This knit viking hat for when you need to pillage through a village and keep your face warm at the same time.  knit viking hat

This comic book suit for making an entrance into a bumping party and bringing the sound effects with you. comic book suit

These zombie lollipops for when you need to survive the apocalypse and need to bribe the zombies to eat their cousins instead. zombie lollipops

This Khaleesi ring for when you need to find your Drogo in ComicCon and GOT themed costume party and you need to let him to recognize the real you from al the fake Khaleesis at the party.  khaleesi ring This remote control cockroach for when you're bored and need to bug someone. remote control cockroach

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