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Augmented Reality (AR) is taking off and you need to experience it too. AR story books, AR coloring books, AR navigation, AR clothing are just the beginning of this new wonderful invention.  There are so many things you can do with AR to enhance your average experience with objects and settings.  Augmented reality technology allows you to visualize 4 dimensional objects using your smartphone.  You can essentially let AR substitute for your imagination.  Here are some fun ways to experience AR using books, clothing and navigation device.  

 Augmented Reality Coloring Book With App

Let your kids experience the world through AR. This is the hottest trend of the near future. For example, coloring books don't have to be the old boring 2D pictures anymore that you color and maybe put up on your fridge. Now, you can bring the characters to life, after you are finished coloring. All you have to do is download an app and point your phone or tablet at the picture you just colored and watch it come alive, just like magic.

 Augmented Reality Story Books With App

Remember those pop up books that you loved so much when you were little? Well, now you can have 4D augmented reality pop-ups, moving characters, just like a cartoon popping out of your storybook. Kids can imagine stories like the real world. This opens the doors to whole new ways of thinking and imagining out of the box, literally.

Augmented Reality Fashion App

Wear art on your clothing that will jump out when you view it through the AR app.  Komar Kids makes 4D printed shirts that feature animals and dinosaurs and images that jump out to thrill you and your kids.  Kids will love wearing their pajamas and their bedtime routine when they have to put on these fun outfits.  These clothing are so creative, they tell their own bedtime stories.   

 Augmented Reality Navigation App

Directions have never been as simple as they are with AR. Just like in video games, arrows and signs can flash and direct you to your destination. Everywhere you go will be clearly outlined and neatly displayed for you to avoid hazardous areas. Navdy is a navigation system that lets you drive safe and stay connected at the same time. Easily take short cuts to quickly reach your final destination. You will never get lost like you would when looking down at your display screen. Getting from one place to another will actually be like an adventure with AR.

Add a little something extra to your routines with AR technology and experience the world in 4D.    

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