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This year you want to stand out and stay away from being boring like avoiding a contageous flu.  This year you are going to reinvent yourself and be the coolest kid at your school because you are going to have the best school gear out there.  You love unique and interesting gadgets and you have quirky personality that no one else shares, now you can show off your awesomeness with your fly new school gear.  Here are some ideas you can use to stand out from the crowd.  

Smart GPS Tracking Device 

Hook this GPS tracking device to your backpack or suitcase when you travel and never lose your valuables again.  This device lets you locate your bags from anywhere in the world with your smartphone.  All you have to do is clip it to your bag and download an app to track your things.  It is a sure way to always make sure that your things are secure and in a location you are aware of.  Keep your things safe and your mind at ease.  

Smart GPS Tracking Device

Excuse T-shirt for Being Late 

Don't be late without a good excuse.  This t-shirt will let you get out of an embarrassing situation of being late to any important event, especially class, with it's humor.  The shirt reads I'm sorry I'm late and it presents a 3 selection boxes with the answer checked off as, "I saw a unicorn," Your teacher will at least appreciate your efforts to make them laugh and you will score some much needed silly points.  Who knows, you might not even get a tardy mark for being clever, cute and funny.  Excuse T-shirt for Being Late

Lego Watch

Keep track of time and make sure you are never late to class with this fun and iconic lego watch.  If you loved playing with legos when you were a kid and continue to build more incredibly complicated structures as an adult, you will love sporting a nice watch made from your favorite colorful pieces.  This is a statement piece that says you are fun and outgoing and you can easily make new friends.  This will get a conversation started in any environment and show your artistic side to people who take first impressions seriously.   Lego Watch

Shit I Gotta Fucking Do Notebook 

Write down your notes, tasks, to do list, grocery list and important information you want to remember all in this funny notebook that gets to the point.  This will remind you of exactly what your responsibilities are so you don't have to waste your precious time.  Get your goals accomplished faster when you put them down on this helpful and awesome notebook.  The title is bold and in your face so you don't beat around the bush and get right to the work.  Your friends will want one too as soon as they see it because, let's face it, everyone has a lot of shit they gotta do.  Shit I Gotta Fucking Do Notebook

Hangry Lunch Box 

This lunch box defines the true meaning of Hangry.  We all know that we get cranky and irritated if we don't get our grub on time.  This funny and witty lunch box spells out the truth and lets your friends have a little fun reading the definition. This classic style lunchbox comes in material that is machine washable and has a velcro strap for easy open and close.  Hangry Lunchbox

Where's Waldo Backpack 

Kill time with this Where's Waldo classic beach scene backpack. It features your favorite striped friend among a hilarious bunch of beach goers.  If you don't have your phone on you, you can entertain yourself by looking for hidden Waldo in the crowded sandy beach.  Find your favorite character from a page right out of the Where's Waldo book right on your traveling and school backpack. Fun for everyone.     Where's Waldo Backpack

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