Awesome Fidget Spinners You Will Love To Get Your Fingers On

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The fidget spinner is this year’s hottest toy. Everyone is talking about how fun and relaxing this little gadget/toy is. It works by simply putting it between your index finger and thumb and giving it a quick twirl. There is just something about that spinning motion that has got everyone hypnotized and craving more. If you were that kid in class who spun your pencil or pen, then this is the perfect toy for you. It simply removes that urge to play with something on your desk when you have this in your hands. There are a variety of spinners for sale; here are some of our favorites: 

  1. Glow In The Dark Fidget Spinner

Glow In The Dark Fidget Spinner

This fun fidget spinner has that extra bonus of glowing in the dark in addition to spinning. Take this to your next concert and nighttime event and see how many eyes you can attract.

  1. LED Fidget Spinner

LED Spinner

Just like the glow in the dark spinner, this one lights up at nighttime as well to give it that extra attraction. It is like a mini Ferris wheel right in the palm of your hand. The memorizing colors make you want to continue spinning and feeding your spinning addiction.

  1. Gaming Control Fidget Spinner

Gaming Control Spinner

The remote control spinner looks just like your gaming control with the with 2 kickback rolling steel beads. This is the ultimate spinner for gamers and geeks. Great way to show off your gaming fingers with the spin of this little bad boy.

  1. Bat Shape Ring Fidget Spinner

Bat Fidget Spinner

Batman fans and bat creatures unite to spin this awesome bat wing shaped spinner. It looks sharp and almost resembles a switchblade but its actually fun little toy. Its uniqueness is that it is small and easy to carry so you can have discrete fun.   Sometimes it can even help you focus on thinking.

  1. Mini Bluetooth Speaker Fidget Spinner

Bluetooth Speaker Spinner

This little guy has its own Bluetooth speaker so you can turn on the music and flip to the rhythm. The music, and the LED lighting combined with the spinning effect can help children who get distracted easily focus and even be therapeutic for those with high stress levels.

  1. Galaxy Fidget Spinner

Galaxy Spinner

If you love watching everything universe and galaxy related and your hero is Neil deGrasse Tyson, then this starry fidget spinner is right for you. The fun star print and galaxy background put the universe in motion right at your fingertips.  

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