Awesome Pool Float For This Summer

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Summer is here and the water is calling. You want to splash around in that aqua cool water in style, here is how you do it. The first requirement is to have an awesome pool float. You need to float in high profile style so you have get a float like the rainbow unicorn that Nicki Minaj sported in her music video or a giant swan that Taylor Swift has in her pool for pool party extravaganzas. There are so many to choose from, how do you know which one is going to be a hit? Here are some unique ones we love that you may heart too.

Classic Unicorn 

If your fantasy was every to ride a unicorn on water, well guess what, now you can! This unicorn pool float will turn down the shield of boringness times 5. This unicorn is so special, it will release its magic to give you ultimate fame and glory and also glitter. Unicorns even chew pretty so if you sit on this unicorn you will look like the prettiest ferry in all of Narnia, never mind the fairytale crossovers.

Giant Pizza

Do you like pizza? Do you like water? Do you like the ultimate party session? If you do, this giant pizza has got your back, literally. Have you ever wanted to eat a pizza in the water? Sorry this one isn’t edible, but at least it won’t get soggy.   Hang out in the water in style as you wow your guests with this saucy topping to your pool party, but don’t worry, it’s not too cheesy at all. It’s got pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, green bell peppers, and did I mention a deliciously crunchy crust? Woops, again, the problem with the no eating. Relax in style and enjoy the bake.

Giant Pizza

Pearl Shell

If you’ve ever wanted to be the little mermaid, this is the closest you’re ever going to get. You can get wet under the sea, or just hang around over the water with Scuttle the seagull. Float around feeling like Ariel maybe rescue a couple of princes. This beautiful pool float is designed to make you shine like a real pearl. Whenever there is a pool party in need of epicness, this float will make sure the party is a splash!

Pearl Shell


If you have a pool party coming up and you want it to be ha a hit, donut worry, this pool float will make your party sweet! Glaze yourself in sunscreen and rest like dough under the sun. Sprinkle your summer days with fun filled pool time in this fun frosted round thing.


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