Awesome Things

Auto Sweeping Balls

This cute and colorful ball rolls around automatically and can clean hard to reach places.  Put it under your couches and beds and watch it instantly sweep all the dust and little crumbs.  The inner ball needs two AA ...Read More..

Regular price $7.88

Zombie Head Cookie...

Snack on brains from this zombie head cookie jar.  This fun and spooky halloween cookie jar will have everyone reaching for a cookie.  This awesome ceramic cookie jar is perfect for an assortment of Halloween cookies,...Read More..

Regular price $64.45

Mercedes Light Up ...

Roll up in style when you light up your Mercedes star.  Just replace the old star with this new illuminated one and watch your car come alive.  Your Mercedes will stand out among the rest especially at night when the ...Read More..

Regular price $390.90

Assortment of Jewelry

Wear an assortment of jewelry to match different outfits, each more unique and more glamorous than the previous.  This old Hollywood style fashion jewelry will make every outfit stand out.  Wear the large pieces with ...Read More..

Regular price $100.00

Window Cleaning Robot

Get your windows automatically cleaned by this magnetic window cleaning robot.  Avoid climbing high places to clean windows on multiple story homes.  Just plug it in, open a window and stick it on the outside and watc...Read More..

Regular price $179.99

Touchless Poop Sco...

Avoid having to touch or feel your dog's waste when you use this scooper to instantly scoop without touching poop.  This scooper was designed with a short handle so that you can have maximum accuracy in your aim.  It ...Read More..

Regular price $16.49

VR Maze

Customize your own maze on the game board then download it into the app to watch it with your VR glasses.  Designed to bring the real world into the digital world.  Watch your creation turn into a video game with wher...Read More..

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Spider Earrings

Highlight your Halloween outfit with these fun and spooky spider earrings.  Their unique design makes them appear like real spiders stuck in your ear.  The claps holds the bottom half of its body to make it look extra...Read More..

Regular price $6.99

Grill Cleaning Robot

Automatically clean your grill using the Grillbot.  This robot starts cleaning your grill before or after use with a press of a button.  It has a 10 minute, 20 minute and 30 minute cleaning cycle and notifies you when...Read More..

Regular price $79.99