Awesome Things

Speaker Mini Fridge

Live it up like a rock star with this high capacity bar fridge.  This is the coolest fridge you will own, pun intended.  Enjoy cold refreshments right out of your designer rock band equipment fridge.  Perfect for your...Read More..

Regular price $429.99

Wireless Portable ...

Monitor your babies activity with this convenient portable ultrasound.  You can view the baby jus like you would on an ultrasound machine right on your personal phone and pc computer.  It is wireless and has a disposa...Read More..

Regular price $1,929.00

Designer Bullet Pr...

Wear this sexy, lightweight, designer jacket and be protected at all times. Who says you can't look sharp and be protected at the same time.  This limited edition Kuyoshi leather jacket combines the most advanced b...Read More..

Regular price $1,700.00

Mercedes Light Up ...

Roll up in style when you light up your Mercedes star.  Just replace the old star with this new illuminated one and watch your car come alive.  Your Mercedes will stand out among the rest especially at night when the ...Read More..

Regular price $390.90

Folding Guitar

Play your favorite Dreadnought guitar tunes on this durable yet comfortable guitar and when you're all done, just fold it up and put it away.  This guitar has a unique feature where it can easily fold onto itself so t...Read More..

Regular price $459.00

Smart Robot Vacuum

This awesome smart vacuum cleaner will methodically clean every nook and cranny of your home when you tell it to.  Use your smartphone and Alexa to control when it cleans.  It features laser smart mapping and navigati...Read More..

Regular price $699.00

Hurricane Survival...

This awesome survival capsule will save you and your loved ones from natural disasters of massive scales.  We all know that help can sometimes take a long time to arrive and you need to survive until then.  This geniu...Read More..

Regular price $13,000.00

Einstein Robot

Professor Einstein is a smart robot that interacts with you by listening and talking back.  He answers questions and challenges you with brain games.  He can connect to the could via WiFi to interact dynamically with ...Read More..

Regular price $249.00

Bike Helmet Device

Easily communicate with your group members without the need to maintain your position in the group.  This communication device allows you to experience seamless connection with 2-14 riders at the same time in ranges u...Read More..

Regular price $410.01