Awesome Things

Pet Water Fountain

Encourage your pets to drink more water with this zen water fountain.  This free flowing water fountain is two tiered and perfect for both dogs and cats.  It has a 100oz water capacity so that you can refill less freq...Read More..

Regular price $29.95

LED Dog Leash

Take your dog out for a walk in style.  This LED leash will glow ultra bright at night ensuring your and your dog's safety.  Drivers and bikers can spot the leash from far away and avoid collision.  You can also easil...Read More..

Regular price $24.99

Touchless Poop Sco...

Avoid having to touch or feel your dog's waste when you use this scooper to instantly scoop without touching poop.  This scooper was designed with a short handle so that you can have maximum accuracy in your aim.  It ...Read More..

Regular price $16.49

Watermelon Pet Bed

This unique watermelon bed is made with soft cotton fabric and looks exactly like a slice of watermelon.  Your pet can snuggle inside and rest comfortably.  The flexible foam material allows it to adjust to your pet's...Read More..

Regular price $34.95

GPS Pet Tracker

Instantly find your pet when they are lost with this easy to use GPS tracking system.  All you need is cellphone service and you can track your pet as long as you have reception. You can also receive on-demand alerts ...Read More..

Regular price $79.95

Smart Pet Lazer Tag

Interact with your pet with this PetCube and your smartphone.  This amazing little device lets your pets play laser tag and lets you monitor and talk to them from the convenience of wherever you are.  You can be at...Read More..

Regular price $199.00

Smart Pet Feeder

Feed your pets remotely with your smart phone.  This Automatic pet feeder lets you conveniently set up scheduled feeding times, portion sizes and even have your pet's food delivered.  Compatible with apple iOS and And...Read More..

Regular price $149.00

Pet Teepee Bed

This adorable teepee is the perfect place for your pet to nestle in snug and take a nap. The portable little dove teepee dog and cat bed fits small pets comfortably.  Made with 100% durable cotton material for long...Read More..

Regular price $109.99

Pet Backpack

Carry your pets everywhere with ease and comfort in this airline approved pet backpack.  The ventilated mesh allows your pets to rest comfortable and breathe easily while you carry them to your destination.  The looko...Read More..

Regular price $89.99