Awesome Things

Hands Free Hair Dr...

Blow dry your hair without assistance from a stylist, friend or family member with the help of this hands free stand.  You can now get the back of your hair perfectly with direct heat applied to it by the dryer instea...Read More..

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Beard Bib

Trim your beard with no mess left behind.  This specially designed apron allows you to do all your trimming and grooming with easy clean up.  All you have to do is wear it around your neck with the velcro strap comfor...Read More..

Regular price $7.98

Luxury Men's Groom...

Get your man the ultimate luxury grooming set subscription so they can get that barbershop look at home.  Always be fresh and looking sharp when you use this luxury grooming set.   Each box comes with an assortment...Read More..

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Pokemon Bath Bomb

Surprise your friends with this fun Pokemon bath bomb that has a little mystery Pokemon figure hidden inside.  Use this in your bath to add a moisturizing and detoxifying effect to your skin.  It can also help relax y...Read More..

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LED Bathroom Mirror

Light up your bathroom with this modern style LED light up mirror.  Make your morning routine run more smooth with better lighting right in front of your mirror where you put on makeup, brush your teeth or shave.  Sav...Read More..

Regular price $189.99

Beard Stencil

Groom your beard into the perfect shape with the help of this handy beard stencil.  This stencil will let you have the precision you want to shape your beard into the style you prefer.  You can get a professional-leve...Read More..

Regular price $7.97

Whitening Accelerator

Speed up your teeth whitening process with this little LED accelerator device.  The Auraglow accelerator light works by breaking down the stains on the tooth surface and whitening faster as a result.  It contains 5 po...Read More..

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Magnet Face Mask

Rejuvenate and tone your skin with this new innovative magnetic face mask.  Apply it to your face and remove dirt, oil and blackheads caused by external harmful environmental conditions.  The mask is infused with plan...Read More..

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Makeup Brush Cleaner

Stop wasting your time cleaning your makeup brushes, the Lilumia 2 makeup brush cleaner device automatically cleans your dirty makeup brushes for you, up to 12 brushes at a time.  You can clean both your natural and s...Read More..

Regular price $149.00