Awesome Things

Grass Sandals

Always have grass under your feet with these awesome grass sandals.  They will keep your feet feeling like you're walking with bare feet everywhere you go.  Give your feet a soft cushion to keep them healthy and feeli...Read More..

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Glitter Beach Ball

Enjoy this summer in the pool with your friends and this awesome beach ball.  It sparkles and lets you know exactly where it is in the air.  It's a party in a ball, the giller confetti inside the transparent ball will...Read More..

Regular price $11.99

Stick Figure Lamp

Give your room some character with this fun stick figure lamp.  You can shape it into any position you like and make it part of your space.  The lamp body is made of plywood chemical free. Material of the lampsa...Read More..

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Blanket Poncho

This rain poncho doubles as a blanket for picnics and the beach.  When it rains you can easily wear it as a poncho to protect yourself from getting wet.  You can instantly convert it into a large blanket to spread and...Read More..

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Picnic Backpack

Go on a picnic on a whim with this all inclusive picnic backpack.  The backpack comes complete with all the essentials for a beautiful picnic on a sunny day.  It includes wine glasses cutlery and even a cutting board ...Read More..

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Waterproof Socks

Keep your toes and feet dry at all times even when you step into wet puddles.  These socks are perfect for running, hiking, cycling, hunting and outdoor activities.  They are completely waterproof and have a wear resi...Read More..

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Couples Sleeping Bag

Get lovey dovey in this cozy couples sleeping bag.  This double queen size sleeping bag looks like two sleeping bags meshed together to form a perfect heart.  Go camping with your partner and enjoy the outdoors in thi...Read More..

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Shark Deterrent

Wear this shark deterrent device and keep those hungry predators away from you while you surf, scuba dive, and snorkel.  The shark shield works by sending electrical shark deterrent waves to keep the shark from approa...Read More..

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Coconut Cup Holder

Decorate your bike with this tropical coconut Tiki God theme.  If you are a fun and creative person, then you need your bike to be as expressive as you.  These tiki coconut cup holders can keep your drinks safe while ...Read More..

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