Awesome Things

Two Person Floatie

Enjoy summer in the pool and lake with these fun two person floats.  Lay in the sun with your bestie or your favorite person and get a nice tan.  These are very comfortable and easy to climb on.  They are clear so you...Read More..

Regular price $59.99

Shaved Ice Maker

Get into the spirit of summer with this fun shaved ice maker.  Make colorful treats for you and your friends to enjoy outdoors on a hot summer day.  Add your favorite flavors and syrups on top to make it more fun and ...Read More..

Regular price $34.99

Shrimp Neck Pillow

Let your neck rest on this soft and comfortable shrimp pillow.  It's vibrant and fun shrimp print will make your pillow stand out from the rest so you don't accidentally take someone else's pillow.  It's so unique and...Read More..

Regular price $8.99

Grass Sandals

Always have grass under your feet with these awesome grass sandals.  They will keep your feet feeling like you're walking with bare feet everywhere you go.  Give your feet a soft cushion to keep them healthy and feeli...Read More..

Regular price $22.24

Extendable Marshma...

Professionally roast marshmallows for your smores on these rotating and extending sticks.  You can make them long enough not to get burned and they even rotate to perfectly cook all sides evenly.  You will get a perfe...Read More..

Regular price $22.08

Glitter Beach Ball

Enjoy this summer in the pool with your friends and this awesome beach ball.  It sparkles and lets you know exactly where it is in the air.  It's a party in a ball, the giller confetti inside the transparent ball will...Read More..

Regular price $11.99

Waterpark Trampoline

Convert your trampoline with this hose system into a fun waterpark.  Get double the fun with this awesome water attachment that functions as a water spraying system.  This cooling mechanism will lower the temperature ...Read More..

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Small Hand Held Fan

Get through those hot summer days and crowded areas with this ingenious small hand held fan.  Perfect size to fit in your purse and carry on luggage, it even folds to neatly store.  The double fan will evenly spread t...Read More..

Regular price $13.99

Hodor Door Stop

Hold the door with this awesome Hodor door stopper from your favorite movie Game of Thrones.  Handmade and sanded to be smooth with a crisp laser print to stand out.  Perfect for offices, classrooms, kids rooms and mo...Read More..

Regular price $19.97