Awesome Things

Danger Pajamas

Get everyone laughing when you put on these hilarious but flap pajamas.  The bottoms read DANGER Blasting Area.  It will warn off everyone to stay clear in the event of an explosive going off and of toxic fumes.  Made...Read More..

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Auto Mixing Water ...

Mix your drinks and shakes automatically with this one click tornado water bottle.  Create a fun vortex by turning on the power and watch the clumps disappear in your drink.  Enjoy a smooth and delicious smoothie with...Read More..

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Tactical Spork

Eat your survival and camping food with this tactical spork.  It's a spoon and a fork in one.  You can switch the spork with a knife to cut your meat and large size pieces.  This awesome utensil comes with a spoon and...Read More..

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Cork Bow Tie

Change up your style and add some character to your look with this awesomely unique cork bow tie.  This sophisticated bowtie says you care about your appearance and you have a fashionable sense of style.  Made with 10...Read More..

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Hologram Glasses

Mix reality with holograms when you use these glasses to create a unique visual working environment.  The Microsoft Hololens glasses are an awesome one of a kind new technology that allows you to visualize and inte...Read More..

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Donald Trump Coasters

If your guests are not using your coasters, President Trump can make it happen bigly.  Place these coasters under your drinks to protect your wood from scratches and burns and to make your birthday great again.  Wheth...Read More..

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Spiral Balloons

Decorate your birthday parties and surprise parties with these fun and crazy spiral balloons.  They come in vibrant colors and expand to become large wavy noodle like shapes.  The 9-10 inch balloons will catch the cap...Read More..

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Home Marijuana Kit

Grow your own medical marijuana right in the comfort of your own home. This cannabis growing kit comes complete with everything you need to start and complete a full growth of a cannabis plant.  This is the all in one...Read More..

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Plush Steering Whe...

Decorate your car in your unique and style with this warm and fuzzy awesome steering wheel cover.  This fluffy cover will keep your hands warm especially in those cold winter mornings.  The set also includes a hand br...Read More..

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