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Cold Brew Coffee M...

Make delicious cold brew coffee with this unique coffee maker.  Using the slow drip extract process, this coffee maker can make coffee with low acidity to taste delicious with smooth texture when you drink it.  Optimi...Read More..

Regular price $24.99

Pipe Coffee Maker

Enjoy your morning coffee in this designer copper pipe pour over coffee maker.  This coffee maker will brew your morning joe in its purest form. The meticulous process of brewing will let you taste the true and delici...Read More..

Regular price $65.95

Gourmet Sea Salts

Enhance the flavors of your dishes with these colorful blend of sea salts from around the world.  Learn about the different tastes and where each different salt comes from.  This beautiful set comes with 16 1/4 oz dif...Read More..

Regular price $22.00

Mini Espresso Machine

Take this travel size espresso machine anywhere you go.  The MiniPresso is a compact espresso machine makes high quality espresso without batteries or electric power.  This hand powered mini espresso machine weighs on...Read More..

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Glass Toaster

Toast your bread in style with this sleek, unique glass toaster.  The Russell Hobbs is not only modern and complementary to your open concept kitchen but it also has high quality performance to give you the perfect to...Read More..

Regular price $174.68