Cute Gifts

Art Socks

Step up your socks game with these awesome art socks.  They will add a lot of color and interest to any outfit.  Bring the conversation to the party with your fun socks.  Made with comfortable cotton and are very ligh...Read More..

Regular price $17.99

Heart Mug

Give your heart to your favorite person.  This beautiful heart shaped mug lets you pour your heart out with coffee or tea.  Fill your mug with any of your favorite drinks and watch it form a liquid heart.  It's truly ...Read More..

Regular price $9.96

Door Silencer

Never hear a door slam again! Keep your doors from slamming and waking up the baby.  Your pets and children will never get locked in a room again.  This awesome invention stops the latch from engaging and locking.  It...Read More..

Regular price $9.95

Auto Sweeping Balls

This cute and colorful ball rolls around automatically and can clean hard to reach places.  Put it under your couches and beds and watch it instantly sweep all the dust and little crumbs.  The inner ball needs two AA ...Read More..

Regular price $7.88

Plush Steering Whe...

Decorate your car in your unique and style with this warm and fuzzy awesome steering wheel cover.  This fluffy cover will keep your hands warm especially in those cold winter mornings.  The set also includes a hand br...Read More..

Regular price $16.99

DIY Button Bouquet...

Make a beautiful flower bouquet made of felt and buttons to gift to someone special.  This hand made DIY bouquet will let the recipient know how thoughtful you are.  This lets them know that you have invested your pre...Read More..

Regular price $9.99

Giant Lettuce Blanket

Get wrapped up in a cosy bed of lettuce with this giant lettuce blanket.  This blanket will let you feel like delicious stuffing all snug and warm in bed and on the couch.  This 3D summer quilt is made with polyester ...Read More..

Regular price $35.00

Volcano Microwave ...

Watch in amazement as this volcano erupts into your microwave and cleans everything inside.  Just add water and vinegar up to the lines and turn on microwave for 5-8 minutes.  When it erupts, it sprays the inside with...Read More..

Regular price $12.99

Moss Terrarium Ring

Wear a creative and unique moss terrarium ring to show your love of nature and all things green.  This beautiful ring is handmade with eco resin that is very durable.  It was carefully ...Read More..

Regular price $19.90