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Pool Ball Shot Gla...

Play pool in style and enjoy taking shots in these beautifully designed pool ball shot glasses.  Each shot glass sits comfortably inside the billiard ball base and can be removed to drink easily.  They come in a tray ...Read More..

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Bottle Magnets For...

Easily access your beer and coke with these awesome refrigerator magnets.  These magnets are strong enough to hold your drinks in place to keep them neat in one place.  Keep your beer from rolling around in the fridge...Read More..

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Portable Beer

Take your beer system wherever you go to enjoy fresh tap beer of your favorite craft style.  It is simple to use, just insert your favorite beer, pull forward to tap and back to top.  You get perfect beer every time y...Read More..

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Light Up Liquor Shelf

Display your liquor collection in style with this light up shelf.  This LED shelf will instantly transform your bar into a luxurious lounge.  You will look like an official bar tender when you let your friends see thi...Read More..

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Survival Energy Bars

Be prepared in times of emergency with these delicious high calorie energy bars.  Each one packs a complete nutritious and non thirst provoking 400 calories for maximum energy.  This variety pack comes with delicious ...Read More..

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