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Smart Highlighter

This awesome pen will help you create summaries quickly and effortlessly.  All you have to do is san the pen on the are you want to highlight and it will instantly transfer the selected text onto your screen.  Make st...Read More..

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Meditation Headband

Wear this headband to help your mind slow down to a meditative state where you can rest and rejuvenate.  This meditation headband works by making guiding your mind into relaxation using weather sounds.  When your mind...Read More..

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Lego Head Mini Dab...

Get the truth of the oil into you in style.  Enjoy this unique and carefully crafted masterpiece is a work of art.  It features a mini Fixed Stem Design, Three Slit Mini Inline Perc, Vapor Tube Joint: 10mm Male Clear ...Read More..

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Window Cleaning Robot

Get your windows automatically cleaned by this magnetic window cleaning robot.  Avoid climbing high places to clean windows on multiple story homes.  Just plug it in, open a window and stick it on the outside and watc...Read More..

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Hologram Glasses

Mix reality with holograms when you use these glasses to create a unique visual working environment.  The Microsoft Hololens glasses are an awesome one of a kind new technology that allows you to visualize and inte...Read More..

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Ultimate Gaming Desk

Get your game on comfortably with this one of a kind gaming desk. It was built with practicality in mind.  It makes optimum use out of its works surface and even sides panels.  It features a cable management system to...Read More..

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iPhone Call Recorder

Record your important phone conversations with this bluetooth smartphone call recording device.  This device works with any smartphone to record both sides of the conversation so that you don't miss any key informatio...Read More..

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Wireless Bluetooth...

Listen to your favorite music and answer calls from your phone without chords and wires.  These mini earbuds fit comfortably in your ears to give you clear sound and no outside interference.  They come with a long bat...Read More..

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Feel Bass Bracelet

Feel the bass like you would at the club when you wear the Basslet.  This little device wraps around your arm comfortably and lets experience music to the max.  It has the ability to precisely recreate bass frequencie...Read More..

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