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Waterproof Socks

Keep your toes and feet dry at all times even when you step into wet puddles.  These socks are perfect for running, hiking, cycling, hunting and outdoor activities.  They are completely waterproof and have a wear resi...Read More..

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Shark Deterrent

Wear this shark deterrent device and keep those hungry predators away from you while you surf, scuba dive, and snorkel.  The shark shield works by sending electrical shark deterrent waves to keep the shark from approa...Read More..

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Sting Extractor

Remove nasty poisons from a bug bite with this extractor kit.  This small, reusable vacuum pump removes poison from the punctured wound of the bite.  It can be effective for mosquito bites, snake bites, wasp stings an...Read More..

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Bluetooth Helmet

Stay connected as you go biking with this Coros LINX Bone Conduction cycling helmet.  This helmet uses technology that turn audio into vibrations that go to your inner ear from the tabs of your helmet strap. Be aware ...Read More..

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Stick On Shoes

Wear your stick on shoes anywhere and enjoy the barefoot feeling of the outdoors without the negatives.  The Nakefit Soles will protect your feet from the harmful sharp objects on the floor and keep your feet clean at...Read More..

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Tactical Survival ...

Be prepared for any emergency situation with this tactical survival multitool that fits right in your wallet.  This little metallic card holds the answer to all your handyman and survival needs.  It comes equipped wit...Read More..

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Anti Fog Snorkelin...

Wear this anti-fog and anti-leak snorkeling mask on your next snorkeling adventure and never worry about missing that rare creature in the sea.  This Mask is designed to give you comfort in the water so you can easily...Read More..

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Motorized Grill Brush

Clean your grill with ease by using this automatic motorized grill brush.  The heavy duty motor power will help you remove grease and grime with less scrubbing action.  The built in sprayer will let you squirt water o...Read More..

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Life Saving Bracelet

Instantly save a life with this incredibly simple yet powerful life saving balloon that is encased in a bracelet.  Simply wear it around your wrist and pull on the handle when you are in trouble in the water.  It will...Read More..

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