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Hologram Glasses

Mix reality with holograms when you use these glasses to create a unique visual working environment.  The Microsoft Hololens glasses are an awesome one of a kind new technology that allows you to visualize and inte...Read More..

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Arm Rest For Desk

Use this arm rest to comfortably relax your wrist and arm while you use your computer on your desk.  This adjustable and maneuverable rest is perfect for letting you unwind those tense muscles so that you don't experi...Read More..

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Magnetic Balls Toy

Play with these magnetic balls to relieve stress and keep your mind busy with fun instead of work.  This magnetic toy has endless possibilities to stretch and design.  You can sculpt anything you like with ease.  Set ...Read More..

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Where's Waldo? Bac...

Take your favorite character to school with you and get busy searching when you are bored.  If you finish first and have nothing else to do, you can do a good old fashioned find Waldo search.  The hilariously tiny cha...Read More..

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Dragon Skull Jewel...

Collect and save beautiful jewelry and memorabilia in this awesome dragon skull jewelry box.  The exquisite detail will take you back in magical fairytale time to when dragons roamed the earth.  This mean dragon will ...Read More..

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Binary Watch

Read the time in the language of computers on your wrist.  Use the zero and one system of computers to easily transfer into normal numbers that we humans can understand.  To read this awesome watch you have to know th...Read More..

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Einstein Robot

Professor Einstein is a smart robot that interacts with you by listening and talking back.  He answers questions and challenges you with brain games.  He can connect to the could via WiFi to interact dynamically with ...Read More..

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DIY Digital Clock

Build your own digital clock and learn the details how digital clocks work.  This awesome digital clock DIY kit is the perfect way to teach your kids about the inner workings of clocks.  Great kit for electronic ho...Read More..

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Late to School Exc...

If you ever find yourself late to school, put this t-shirt on and walk in class to divert the attention with a little sense of humor.  This t-shirt will help you fix that awkward situation of being late to anything.  ...Read More..

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