Geek Gifts

Shrimp Neck Pillow

Let your neck rest on this soft and comfortable shrimp pillow.  It's vibrant and fun shrimp print will make your pillow stand out from the rest so you don't accidentally take someone else's pillow.  It's so unique and...Read More..

Regular price $8.99

Hodor Door Stop

Hold the door with this awesome Hodor door stopper from your favorite movie Game of Thrones.  Handmade and sanded to be smooth with a crisp laser print to stand out.  Perfect for offices, classrooms, kids rooms and mo...Read More..

Regular price $19.97

Magnetic Chess Board

Keep all your chess pieces in their place at all times with this magnetic chess board set.  Never worry about messing up a play and losing them.  Once you are done playing a game then j...Read More..

Regular price $14.85

Moldable Glue

Mold and shape this glue like you would with Play-Doh for all your DIY projects.  This glue can be shaped into hooks, made into electronics protectors and binder for broken and ripped things.  When it sets, it turns i...Read More..

Regular price $19.99

Nintendo Key Holder

This vintage Nintendo key holder is the perfect organizational tool for any gamer.  Bring the nostalgia into your space and remind everyone how much fun it was hanging out and playing Nintendo together.  It comes with...Read More..

Regular price $28.99

Law School In A Box

Teach kids about logic and law early on.  Playing with toys that spark their interest in specific subjects can inspire them to think outside the box.  This is the perfect way to get your kids engaged in activities tha...Read More..

Regular price $14.20

Pixel Breakfast Cl...

Wear your favorite classic movie characters in pixel form.  This awesome t-shirt is the best way to display your love for gaming and old school classic movies that we all love.  A brain, an athlete,...Read More..

Regular price $17.94

Mix Tape USB Stick

Give your boyfriend this mix tape of love songs that is actually a flash drive 8GB.  This will bring back old memories and make him feel loved.  This is the cutest retro gift idea for your loved one who is into music ...Read More..

Regular price $16.94

Travel Organizer F...

Keep your chargers and wires for your electronics organized while you travel.  It comes with double layers to fit all your chargers for your phones, laptops and cameras.  It also comes with mesh pockets and elastic ba...Read More..

Regular price $25.99