Gifts For Kids

VR Maze

Customize your own maze on the game board then download it into the app to watch it with your VR glasses.  Designed to bring the real world into the digital world.  Watch your creation turn into a video game with wher...Read More..

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Spiral Balloons

Decorate your birthday parties and surprise parties with these fun and crazy spiral balloons.  They come in vibrant colors and expand to become large wavy noodle like shapes.  The 9-10 inch balloons will catch the cap...Read More..

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Magnetic Balls Toy

Play with these magnetic balls to relieve stress and keep your mind busy with fun instead of work.  This magnetic toy has endless possibilities to stretch and design.  You can sculpt anything you like with ease.  Set ...Read More..

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Writing Tablet Sti...

Use this awesome tablet anytime you need a paper to write on.  This tablet erases your messages with a touch of a button.  Instead of using sticky notes that you throw away and waste, use this tablet to be paper free ...Read More..

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Where's Waldo? Bac...

Take your favorite character to school with you and get busy searching when you are bored.  If you finish first and have nothing else to do, you can do a good old fashioned find Waldo search.  The hilariously tiny cha...Read More..

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Remote Control Coc...

Scare the bejesus out of friends and family when you make this cockroach run through the room right in front of their eyes.  They will be surprised and most likely let out a loud yelp.  Great for pranks and making fun...Read More..

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DIY Button Bouquet...

Make a beautiful flower bouquet made of felt and buttons to gift to someone special.  This hand made DIY bouquet will let the recipient know how thoughtful you are.  This lets them know that you have invested your pre...Read More..

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Einstein Robot

Professor Einstein is a smart robot that interacts with you by listening and talking back.  He answers questions and challenges you with brain games.  He can connect to the could via WiFi to interact dynamically with ...Read More..

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DIY Digital Clock

Build your own digital clock and learn the details how digital clocks work.  This awesome digital clock DIY kit is the perfect way to teach your kids about the inner workings of clocks.  Great kit for electronic ho...Read More..

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