Gifts For Kids

Arts & Crafts Mini...

The perfect craft for you and your kids to do together this summer.   Make a little greenhouse with the materials in this kit.  Paint all the furniture and cut out all the plants to create a magical greenhouse.  Spend...Read More..

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Shaved Ice Maker

Get into the spirit of summer with this fun shaved ice maker.  Make colorful treats for you and your friends to enjoy outdoors on a hot summer day.  Add your favorite flavors and syrups on top to make it more fun and ...Read More..

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Baby Teeth Holder

Save your little one's baby teeth in this cute tooth holder.  It has a spot for each little tooth they loose so that you can keep them all in order.  When they are all grown, you can show them their tiny teeth and mak...Read More..

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Kids Teepee

Have a sleepover slumber party for your kids and set up sleeping bags in a teepee instead of the floor and bed.  Make playtime more fun and adventurous for your little ones.  This beautiful teepee is made of high qual...Read More..

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Bit Coding Robot

Help your kids learn coding the easy way with this fun little robot.  You can use colorful markers to code and make it go in your instructed directions.  It comes with stickers and pop-ups so you can give it style and...Read More..

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Portable Bubble Maker

Create a fun and playful space for your kids to have fun with their friends.  Add bubbles to your birthday parties and photograph backgrounds to instantly transform your surroundings to a magical place.  It is both po...Read More..

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VR Maze

Customize your own maze on the game board then download it into the app to watch it with your VR glasses.  Designed to bring the real world into the digital world.  Watch your creation turn into a video game with wher...Read More..

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Magnetic Balls Toy

Play with these magnetic balls to relieve stress and keep your mind busy with fun instead of work.  This magnetic toy has endless possibilities to stretch and design.  You can sculpt anything you like with ease.  Set ...Read More..

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Writing Tablet Sti...

Use this awesome tablet anytime you need a paper to write on.  This tablet erases your messages with a touch of a button.  Instead of using sticky notes that you throw away and waste, use this tablet to be paper free ...Read More..

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