Gifts For Kids

Jet Ski Santa

It's July in Christmas with this Santa and his reindeer.  Santa had forgotten all about  Christmas and was vacationing in the Bahamas when he suddenly remembered he had to deliver gifts to the children.  He dashed to ...Read More..

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Coding Wand

This awesome Harry Potter coding kit will help you learn how to build and code a wand that responds to your movements.  With the wave of your wand you can make feathers fly, goblets multiply, fire flow, pumpkins...Read More..

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Where's Waldo? Bac...

Take your favorite character to school with you and get busy searching when you are bored.  If you finish first and have nothing else to do, you can do a good old fashioned find Waldo search.  The hilariously tiny cha...Read More..

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Parrot Mini Drone

This 2 in 1 mini swing drone is unique in its ability to fly both in quad mode and airplane mode.  You can lift off the drone in quad mode and perform the standard operations like go forward, back, in circles.  Once i...Read More..

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Wearable Toy

Let your kids experience an exhilarating game of interactive fun with this high tech wearable toy.  It works by wearing it on your arm and connecting to your tablet or phone to the Moff App.  The toy then makes sounds...Read More..

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Life Saving Bracelet

Instantly save a life with this incredibly simple yet powerful life saving balloon that is encased in a bracelet.  Simply wear it around your wrist and pull on the handle when you are in trouble in the water.  It will...Read More..

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Backyard Water Park

Set up your own water park right in your back yard with this complete water set.  It comes with an automatic dump bucket, water and sand tables, a twisty funnel, an automatic bubble maker, rainfall and side sprayer...Read More..

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