Gifts For Kids

Glitter Beach Ball

Enjoy this summer in the pool with your friends and this awesome beach ball.  It sparkles and lets you know exactly where it is in the air.  It's a party in a ball, the giller confetti inside the transparent ball will...Read More..

Regular price $11.99

Coconut Cup Holder

Decorate your bike with this tropical coconut Tiki God theme.  If you are a fun and creative person, then you need your bike to be as expressive as you.  These tiki coconut cup holders can keep your drinks safe while ...Read More..

Regular price $26.12

Cookie Sandwich Be...

Relax on the sand without getting dirty on this fun and fantastic ice cream cookie sandwich beach blanket.  You can take it anywhere with you like camping, hiking, picnicking, to the pool and any vacation spot you lik...Read More..

Regular price $24.99

Anti Fog Snorkelin...

Wear this anti-fog and anti-leak snorkeling mask on your next snorkeling adventure and never worry about missing that rare creature in the sea.  This Mask is designed to give you comfort in the water so you can easily...Read More..

Regular price $49.00

Life Saving Bracelet

Instantly save a life with this incredibly simple yet powerful life saving balloon that is encased in a bracelet.  Simply wear it around your wrist and pull on the handle when you are in trouble in the water.  It will...Read More..

Regular price $59.99

Hanging Swing

Let your kids have fun in this comfy hanging swing hammock.   They can relax, swing and sleep inside these cozy hanging swings.  Made with 100% very soft, tear proof, durable pure cotton.  The inflatable cushion sits ...Read More..

Regular price $40.99

Golden Swan Float

Float in style on this giant inflatable swan pool float at your next pool party.  Fill your pool with these fun floats and have a fantastic fun summer.  The float comes with three rapid valve for easy and quick inf...Read More..

Regular price $42.99

Backyard Water Park

Set up your own water park right in your back yard with this complete water set.  It comes with an automatic dump bucket, water and sand tables, a twisty funnel, an automatic bubble maker, rainfall and side sprayer...Read More..

Regular price $99.99

Kids VIP Canopy

Let your superstar kids lounge by the pool, backyard and room in this VIP lounge chair.  The canopy is 3-sided to help keep the sun out of their eyes and sensitive skin.  The mesh window lets the fish breeze flow t...Read More..

Regular price $199.99