Gifts For Men

Sexy Santa Suit

Walk in the Christmas party looking sharp with this sexy Santa suit.  Made with premium polyester material and Santa fur on the lapel.  It has the classic red and white design with a twist.  Santa has hit the gy...Read More..

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Side Button Gaming...

Play like a pro with this gaming mouse that comes with side buttons.  You can program the numbers to your preferred commands.  It comes with exclusive key slider macro button control system. It also has 12 optim...Read More..

Regular price $79.99

Custom Message LED...

Write whatever message you want your glasses to display on your phone and it will appear right on the screen of your cool glasses.  These amazing sunglasses will help you attract your perfect mate and let you have loa...Read More..

Regular price $69.00

Grill Cleaning Robot

Automatically clean your grill using the Grillbot.  This robot starts cleaning your grill before or after use with a press of a button.  It has a 10 minute, 20 minute and 30 minute cleaning cycle and notifies you when...Read More..

Regular price $79.99

Viking Hat and Bal...

Gear up like a true viking when you wear this knit viking hat that doubles as a balaclava.  This hat will keep your entire face and ears warm during those cold winter months.  It is easy to wear and hilarious to look ...Read More..

Regular price $59.99

Comic Book Suit

Make a grand entrance when you step into your party wearing this comic book onomatopoeia suit.  It has all the loud exclamations you can make in a comic book printed boldly on your suit.  This is the suit that will se...Read More..

Regular price $99.99

Magnum PI Shirt

Live a life of a PI from your favorite television drama series starring Tom Selleck.  You can be that private investigator living in Hawaii on the island of Oahu like Tom Magnum the popular tv show character did.  Thi...Read More..

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Face Massage

Gently massage your face with this unique face massager.  It comes with six different tips to massage various parts of your face. Cover every single area including your scalp, sinus, chin, ear and more.  It is comp...Read More..

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Couples Sleeping Bag

Get lovey dovey in this cozy couples sleeping bag.  This double queen size sleeping bag looks like two sleeping bags meshed together to form a perfect heart.  Go camping with your partner and enjoy the outdoors in thi...Read More..

Regular price $89.99