Gifts For Men

Total Body Resista...

Train and tone your entire body with these resistance bands.  Switch the position of the bands to exercise different muscles.  Bring the gym to your home in a compact and easy to use form.  Work out both your upper bo...Read More..

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Meditation Headband

Wear this headband to help your mind slow down to a meditative state where you can rest and rejuvenate.  This meditation headband works by making guiding your mind into relaxation using weather sounds.  When your mind...Read More..

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Lego Head Mini Dab...

Get the truth of the oil into you in style.  Enjoy this unique and carefully crafted masterpiece is a work of art.  It features a mini Fixed Stem Design, Three Slit Mini Inline Perc, Vapor Tube Joint: 10mm Male Clear ...Read More..

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Hologram Glasses

Mix reality with holograms when you use these glasses to create a unique visual working environment.  The Microsoft Hololens glasses are an awesome one of a kind new technology that allows you to visualize and inte...Read More..

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Home Marijuana Kit

Grow your own medical marijuana right in the comfort of your own home. This cannabis growing kit comes complete with everything you need to start and complete a full growth of a cannabis plant.  This is the all in one...Read More..

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Automatic Shoe Pol...

Shine your work shoes and dress shoes instantly with this automatic shoe polisher that does all the work for you.  Just turn it on with the press of a button and put your foot under and the spin brushes will rotate to...Read More..

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Ultimate Gaming Desk

Get your game on comfortably with this one of a kind gaming desk. It was built with practicality in mind.  It makes optimum use out of its works surface and even sides panels.  It features a cable management system to...Read More..

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Portable Beer

Take your beer system wherever you go to enjoy fresh tap beer of your favorite craft style.  It is simple to use, just insert your favorite beer, pull forward to tap and back to top.  You get perfect beer every time y...Read More..

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iPhone Call Recorder

Record your important phone conversations with this bluetooth smartphone call recording device.  This device works with any smartphone to record both sides of the conversation so that you don't miss any key informatio...Read More..

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