Gifts For Pets

Fake Grass For Pup...

Train your puppy with less accidents in your home with this artificial grass potty mat.  Perfect for those who work long hours and live in apartments to have a spot your puppy can go without peeing in the house.  It h...Read More..

Regular price $22.13

Pet Water Fountain

Encourage your pets to drink more water with this zen water fountain.  This free flowing water fountain is two tiered and perfect for both dogs and cats.  It has a 100oz water capacity so that you can refill less freq...Read More..

Regular price $29.95

LED Dog Leash

Take your dog out for a walk in style.  This LED leash will glow ultra bright at night ensuring your and your dog's safety.  Drivers and bikers can spot the leash from far away and avoid collision.  You can also easil...Read More..

Regular price $24.99

Touchless Poop Sco...

Avoid having to touch or feel your dog's waste when you use this scooper to instantly scoop without touching poop.  This scooper was designed with a short handle so that you can have maximum accuracy in your aim.  It ...Read More..

Regular price $16.49

Sock Ball Cat Bed

This giant sock ball is the perfect bed for your little furry friend to relax in.  This cat cave is hand made with love to let your cat rest comfortably inside.  It is made with felt material and feels soft to the tou...Read More..

Regular price $54.99

Modern Cat Bed

Let your furry friend rest comfortably in this double compartment cat bed.  Shaped perfectly like a kitty cat with cute cat ears, this bed was made just right for your feline friend.  This little lounging bed is made ...Read More..

Regular price $39.99

Cat Hammock For Chair

Let your furry friend rest nestled in this comfortable chair hammock.    This hammock is easy to put on and very sturdy for your cute little buddy to nap in all day.  It easily blends in with your home decor because o...Read More..

Regular price $15.99

Watermelon Pet Bed

This unique watermelon bed is made with soft cotton fabric and looks exactly like a slice of watermelon.  Your pet can snuggle inside and rest comfortably.  The flexible foam material allows it to adjust to your pet's...Read More..

Regular price $34.95

Doughnut Cat Bed

This modern and stylish private bed for your little pet is cozy and comfortable for them to rest and relax in.  It comes with a washable pillow so you can keep their environment fresh and clean with ease. The sleek do...Read More..

Regular price $38.17