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Smart Robot Vacuum

This awesome smart vacuum cleaner will methodically clean every nook and cranny of your home when you tell it to.  Use your smartphone and Alexa to control when it cleans.  It features laser smart mapping and navigati...Read More..

Regular price $699.00

AR Navigation

Navigate throughout the city without missing a turn when you use augmented reality navigation.  The clear screen sits on your dashboard and lets you see the road with enhanced directions.  The portable heads-up displa...Read More..

Regular price $499.95

360 Degree Camera

Take a photo of all of your surroundings all at once with this amazing new 360 degree rotating camera.  This lens allows you to hook it onto your iPhone easily and record all around you.  It works both with your iPhon...Read More..

Regular price $249.00

Levitating Planter

Grow your house plants in this magic planter that levitates in mid air.  The LYFE planter hovers over its oak base using magnetic levitation technology.  Amazingly, the pot can rotate in suspension and create visual i...Read More..

Regular price $229.00

Bubble Hotel

Have a unique and once in a lifetime experience by staying one night inside this awesome bubble hotel.  You can enjoy the luxury and comforts of a hotel and see your outdoor surroundings at the same time.  Enjoy the s...Read More..

Regular price $279.00

Wearable Sound System

The SubPac M2 sound system is designed to let you hear, feel and live the music you are listening to.  It lest you enjoy music in a more exciting and immersive way with its innovative design that lets you take your mu...Read More..

Regular price $299.00