Gifts For Women

Chunky Knit Blanket

Nestle up in this warm chunky knit blanket this fall and winter to feel cozy and right at home.  Made with wool yarn with active fibers that react to changing body temperature to regulate and make you feel extra comfo...Read More..

Regular price $24.99

Privates Towel

Walk on the wild side and express your shamelessness with this fun and unique towel.  As seen on the hit tv show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, this towel leaves nothing to the imagination.  Get a good laugh every...Read More..

Regular price $27.93

Wine Holder For Tub

Enjoy a glass of your favorite wine in your bathtub as you kick back and relax.  Pamper yourself with luxury when you soak in your tub or jacuzzi and sip on expensive wine. This cup holder can hold cans, plastic bottl...Read More..

Regular price $13.95

Pipe Bookstand

This decorative industrial pipe bookstand will add an extra layer of uniqueness to your room when you place your favorite books inside.  The rustic bronze gives it its urban flare and makes any room look modern and in...Read More..

Regular price $29.99

Levitating Planter

Grow your house plants in this magic planter that levitates in mid air.  The LYFE planter hovers over its oak base using magnetic levitation technology.  Amazingly, the pot can rotate in suspension and create visual i...Read More..

Regular price $229.00

Phone Clip For Bed

Hold your smartphone right where you want it in bed while you relax.  Avoid getting phone slapped and numbness in your arms with this easy to use device.  You can use it to clip your phone anywhere from your bed, chai...Read More..

Regular price $6.38

LED Bed Light

Light up your path at night when you wake up to get out of bed in the dark with this motion censored LED light strip.  It easily attaches under your bedside to give an ultra warm and soft glow as you walk past it.  Yo...Read More..

Regular price $19.99