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Meditation Headband

Wear this headband to help your mind slow down to a meditative state where you can rest and rejuvenate.  This meditation headband works by making guiding your mind into relaxation using weather sounds.  When your mind...Read More..

Regular price $196.00

Heated Hat

Keep your head warm in the cold weather with this cordless heated hat.  With one press of a button, you can instantly warm up your head.  It features 3 heat levels, low, medium and high with an LED indicator light.  I...Read More..

Regular price $99.99

Face Massage

Gently massage your face with this unique face massager.  It comes with six different tips to massage various parts of your face. Cover every single area including your scalp, sinus, chin, ear and more.  It is comp...Read More..

Regular price $59.99

Slim RFID Block Wa...

Store all your valuables in this slim and safe wallet.  This unique wallet is designed to block scanning thieves from stealing your card information.  You can store 4-6 of your most important cards when you travel and...Read More..

Regular price $25.99

AR Navigation

Navigate throughout the city without missing a turn when you use augmented reality navigation.  The clear screen sits on your dashboard and lets you see the road with enhanced directions.  The portable heads-up displa...Read More..

Regular price $499.95

Touch Screen Conve...

Convert your laptop into a touchscreen with this AirBar.  It is easy to set up and install, all you need is to attach the magnets not your laptop and you are ready to go.  This device attaches to your screen with magn...Read More..

Regular price $69.00

Pipe Coffee Maker

Enjoy your morning coffee in this designer copper pipe pour over coffee maker.  This coffee maker will brew your morning joe in its purest form. The meticulous process of brewing will let you taste the true and delici...Read More..

Regular price $65.95

Bluetooth Helmet

Stay connected as you go biking with this Coros LINX Bone Conduction cycling helmet.  This helmet uses technology that turn audio into vibrations that go to your inner ear from the tabs of your helmet strap. Be aware ...Read More..

Regular price $199.00

Fall Proof Mug

This mug will not fall over if you accidentally happen to bump into it.  It is the perfect mug for your everyday use.  You can take it anywhere with you.  It fits perfectly in your cupholder space so even a bumpy ride...Read More..

Regular price $27.99