Gifts For Women

Love You Trio Vase

Give mom a gift she can set in her kitchen and enjoy year round with beautiful flowers.  This trio of mini vases will brighten up her day and let her know how much you adore her.  Artistic and esthetically pleasing, t...Read More..

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Gardening Claw Gloves

Make gardening easy and fun with these claw gloves.  Easily move dry leaves, weeds and mulch out of the way to start planting.  Conveniently dig into the soil to plant seed and start your garden.  The bright color wil...Read More..

Regular price $7.96

Fabric Shaver

Make your knit and fabric couches, look brand new when you remove the excess clumps of fabric.  This fabric shaver will remove lint and unwanted fiber particles instantly without extra effort.  Don't try to cut it out...Read More..

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Light Up Party Fou...

Make your party table more exciting with this beautiful decorative beverage fountain.  You can fill it up with the choice of your favorite drink and let your guests have a fun experience getting drinks poured for them...Read More..

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Art Socks

Step up your socks game with these awesome art socks.  They will add a lot of color and interest to any outfit.  Bring the conversation to the party with your fun socks.  Made with comfortable cotton and are very ligh...Read More..

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Nebula Glow Necklace

This beautiful and unique necklace is made with microscopic glass beads.  Originally designed for a modern art museum, this artistic necklace is crafted to with Nebula reflective fabric that glows when light is behind...Read More..

Regular price $110.00

Heart Mug

Give your heart to your favorite person.  This beautiful heart shaped mug lets you pour your heart out with coffee or tea.  Fill your mug with any of your favorite drinks and watch it form a liquid heart.  It's truly ...Read More..

Regular price $9.96

Instant Grocery Bag

Whip out this mesh grocery bag from your purse anytime you go shopping.  This is the solution to forgetting to bring a bag to the store.  Keep this mesh, easy to store bag in your purse and always have it ready to car...Read More..

Regular price $11.59

Hands Free Hair Dr...

Blow dry your hair without assistance from a stylist, friend or family member with the help of this hands free stand.  You can now get the back of your hair perfectly with direct heat applied to it by the dryer instea...Read More..

Regular price $26.99