Gifts Under $20

Your Face on a Potato

Upload your face on a potato and surprise the cook of the house.  This is a great conversation piece and fun starter. Send this hilariously funny gift to your friends and family and give them a good laugh.  They will ...Read More..

Regular price $15.99

Unique Blade Necklace

Always be prepared with this blade necklace around your neck ready to cut through tough knots.  Stylish and sleek this necklace is perfect for outdoor activities and for emergency situations.  It has a fire steel so y...Read More..

Regular price $12.00

Salmon Filet Throw...

Bring some excitement into your space with this fun salmon filet throw pillow.  It will bring a pop of color and spark interest of your guests.  It is the focal point addition to your room.  Kids and adults will take ...Read More..

Regular price $10.20

Melting Pig Steamer

Place this melting pig on top of your veggies and meats to steam and have a laugh while you do it.  It really looks like a cute little pig melted in the pot.  Great for not allowing water to boil and over flow.  Keeps...Read More..

Regular price $13.91

Warm Winter Leggings

Keep your legs and body warm all winter with these elastic leggings that are lined with velvet.  Stop the cold air from circulating through those leggings and avoid wearing two pairs with this one stylish pair.  The e...Read More..

Regular price $20.99

Collapsible Water ...

Fill up and enjoy clean water in this lightweight and easy to carry water bottle.  Its ability to collapse makes it very compact and convenient for taking it to places.  Empty the bottle before going through airport s...Read More..

Regular price $12.63

Animal Ski Mask

Protect your face from extreme weather and look cool at the same time.  This awesome ski mask will keep your neck and face warm as you enjoy the outdoors in the winter and in cold weather.  The detailed print adds a f...Read More..

Regular price $12.99

Moldable Glue

Mold and shape this glue like you would with Play-Doh for all your DIY projects.  This glue can be shaped into hooks, made into electronics protectors and binder for broken and ripped things.  When it sets, it turns i...Read More..

Regular price $19.99

Earthy Socks

Going for the raw vegan look? These socks are the perfect environmentally friendly socks that complete the ensemble.  These cotton socks are comfortable and soft yet very breathable.  They come with a bold RAW print o...Read More..

Regular price $16.33