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Crystal Soap Bar

Wash your hands with this luxury soap bar and you will feel like a million bucks each time you do.  This beautiful amethyst cluster bar looks just like the real thing and will stand out on your vanity.  It is hand mad...Read More..

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Grapefruit Milk Bath

Take a dip in this luxurious grapefruit milk bath and relax away all your stress.  This ultra creamy bath soak will fill your water with skin nursing and moisturizing ingredients.  The delicate and rich aroma will fil...Read More..

Regular price $19.99

Wearable Activity ...

Get the extra help you need to track your daily activity and nutrition with this little device.  It guides you to get fit by tracking your steps, exercise, calories burned and number of hours you slept.  All you have ...Read More..

Regular price $12.25

Rose Shaped Soap

Enrich your bath time and hand washing experience with these beautifully crafted rose soaps.  Infused with essential oils to make your skin feel smooth and replenished.  The floral scent fills your bathroom with a bea...Read More..

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Smart Thermometer

This smart digital thermometer has the ability to measure and accurately track the the health history of each of your family members via your smartphone.  When you install the compatible app, you can record fevers, sy...Read More..

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Finger Nail Catcher

This handy nail catcher will let you cut your nails and collect them at the same time.   It comes with a built in magnifying glass so that you can cut your nails with precision and ease.  It also has a nail file for a...Read More..

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