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Glitter Beach Ball

Enjoy this summer in the pool with your friends and this awesome beach ball.  It sparkles and lets you know exactly where it is in the air.  It's a party in a ball, the giller confetti inside the transparent ball will...Read More..

Regular price $11.99

Alcohol Bottle Torch

Turn any of your favorite liquor bottles into an awesome tiki torch with these fiberglass wicks.  This pack comes with 12 wicks so you can line your backyard with torches.  Stick them in an empty Jack Daniel's bottle ...Read More..

Regular price $9.97

Sting Extractor

Remove nasty poisons from a bug bite with this extractor kit.  This small, reusable vacuum pump removes poison from the punctured wound of the bite.  It can be effective for mosquito bites, snake bites, wasp stings an...Read More..

Regular price $15.72

Glow In The Dark P...

Light up your garden pathway and your door steps with these hansel and gretel magical glow-in-the-dark pebbles.  These eco-friendly pebbles don't require and source of electricity or power to light up at night.  The p...Read More..

Regular price $17.99

Tactical Survival ...

Be prepared for any emergency situation with this tactical survival multitool that fits right in your wallet.  This little metallic card holds the answer to all your handyman and survival needs.  It comes equipped wit...Read More..

Regular price $10.00

Mason Jar Lighting

Decorate your patio and back yard with these beautiful fairy mason jar lights.  The bulbs inside the mason jars have the ability to change colors so you can fill your deck with beautiful colors.  Each jar comes with 1...Read More..

Regular price $12.89

Patio Umbrella Lig...

Light up your patio table and deck with this simple solution.  Made with 24 powerful LEDs, this light will brighten up your gathering space for you to enjoy an evening party.  You can grill  and chat comfortably witho...Read More..

Regular price $17.99

Inflatable Ice Table

Inflate this ice table and float it in your pool or place it on your picnic table.  Keep your drinks and salads cold while you enjoy the hot weather outdoors.  All you have to do is blow it up like you would any other...Read More..

Regular price $8.95

LED Flower Pot

Light up your garden with this colorful LED pot.  This amazing light up flower pot lets you experience 3 different colors with its automatic rotary capability.  The colors include; red, blue and green.  It works with ...Read More..

Regular price $12.99