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Healthy Green Juice

Get your dose of greens with just one scoop of this green powder.  This mix is full of superfoods, greens and alkalizing fruits that are very healthy for your body.  This organic blend of greens and fruits include 7 d...Read More..

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Crystal Soap Bar

Wash your hands with this luxury soap bar and you will feel like a million bucks each time you do.  This beautiful amethyst cluster bar looks just like the real thing and will stand out on your vanity.  It is hand mad...Read More..

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Hemp Oil

Feel the wonderful effects of hemp oil on your body.  This stuff works wonders on your skin, mood and diet.  Give your immune system the boos it needs.  Hemp is considered a superfood and contains phytonutrients...Read More..

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Cosmetic Glitter

Bedazzle your body and face for festivals, photo shoots, parties and more.  This chunky holographic glitter will give you that secret special glow that all the stars and Instagram beauties often use to shine and spark...Read More..

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Grapefruit Milk Bath

Take a dip in this luxurious grapefruit milk bath and relax away all your stress.  This ultra creamy bath soak will fill your water with skin nursing and moisturizing ingredients.  The delicate and rich aroma will fil...Read More..

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Hidden Pocket Yoga...

Wear leggings to the gym that look great and feel good at the same time.  These yoga pants are non see-through, high moisture wicking and breathable.  With the added bonus of hidden pocket for your small valuables lik...Read More..

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Mushroom Coffee Mix

By adding mushrooms in your daily diet, you can make a huge positive impact on your health.  This mushroom coffee mix does just that, it lets you enjoy your daily coffee without the caffeine jitters.  The chaga mushro...Read More..

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Unicorn Makeup Bru...

Apply your makeup with these magic unicorn horn brushes.  You can instantly see a transformation into a beautiful princess when  you use these rainbow bristle unicorn horn handle brushes.  The set includes 10 differen...Read More..

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Dumbell Water Bottle

Drink your water at the gym in style with this awesome dumbbell shaped water bottle.  Carry this bottle with you everywhere you go and you can work out and hydrate yourself at the same time.  This bottle is eco friend...Read More..

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