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Acupuncture Slippers

Massage your feet as you walk with these clever acupuncture pressure point slippers.  These slippers feature 78 tiny rotating balls inside that gently massage specific pressure points under your feet.  They can help r...Read More..

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Push Up Training S...

Work out all of your upper body with perfect precision with the help of this color coded training system.  This device lets you target specific muscles to work out like your chest, shoulders, back and triceps.  All yo...Read More..

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2 in 1 Curling Iron

Curl or flat iron your hair with this one tool.  This amazing 2 in 1 iron lets you create beautiful curls when you feel like adding more volume and bounce to your hair or flatten it to have a sleek and chic style. ...Read More..

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Skin Moisture Check

Check your skin moisture levels to make sure you are always hydrated and moisturized.  This little device reads your moisture levels when you put it to your skin by using bioelectric impedance analysis technology.  It...Read More..

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Whitening Accelerator

Speed up your teeth whitening process with this little LED accelerator device.  The Auraglow accelerator light works by breaking down the stains on the tooth surface and whitening faster as a result.  It contains 5 po...Read More..

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Magnet Face Mask

Rejuvenate and tone your skin with this new innovative magnetic face mask.  Apply it to your face and remove dirt, oil and blackheads caused by external harmful environmental conditions.  The mask is infused with plan...Read More..

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Facial Steamer

Moisturize and mist your face with this automatic facial steamer to get an instant facial.  The hot mist will open up your pores so that you can easily clean your blackheads and remove all dirt and oil from your sk...Read More..

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