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Acupuncture Slippers

Massage your feet as you walk with these clever acupuncture pressure point slippers.  These slippers feature 78 tiny rotating balls inside that gently massage specific pressure points under your feet.  They can help r...Read More..

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Push Up Training S...

Work out all of your upper body with perfect precision with the help of this color coded training system.  This device lets you target specific muscles to work out like your chest, shoulders, back and triceps.  All yo...Read More..

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Face Massage

Gently massage your face with this unique face massager.  It comes with six different tips to massage various parts of your face. Cover every single area including your scalp, sinus, chin, ear and more.  It is comp...Read More..

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Dumbell Water Bottle

Drink your water at the gym in style with this awesome dumbbell shaped water bottle.  Carry this bottle with you everywhere you go and you can work out and hydrate yourself at the same time.  This bottle is eco friend...Read More..

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Wearable Activity ...

Get the extra help you need to track your daily activity and nutrition with this little device.  It guides you to get fit by tracking your steps, exercise, calories burned and number of hours you slept.  All you have ...Read More..

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Finger Nail Catcher

This handy nail catcher will let you cut your nails and collect them at the same time.   It comes with a built in magnifying glass so that you can cut your nails with precision and ease.  It also has a nail file for a...Read More..

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