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Smart Robot Vacuum

This awesome smart vacuum cleaner will methodically clean every nook and cranny of your home when you tell it to.  Use your smartphone and Alexa to control when it cleans.  It features laser smart mapping and navigati...Read More..

Regular price $699.00

Human Lamp

Light up your room with character and charm.  This awesome human shaped lamp is sure to get everyone's attention with its unique design.  You can move its joints to different positions and create a funny and ent...Read More..

Regular price $199.88

Hidden Bookcase Door

Install this bookcase door and hide an entire room inside.  The Murphy Doors bookcase is beautifully crafted and comes in a DIY kit that you can easily assemble yourself.  It comes with...Read More..

Regular price $719.00

Levitating Planter

Grow your house plants in this magic planter that levitates in mid air.  The LYFE planter hovers over its oak base using magnetic levitation technology.  Amazingly, the pot can rotate in suspension and create visual i...Read More..

Regular price $229.00

Labyrinth Bookshelf

Turn your home or office into a fun magical place with this unique labyrinth bookshelf.  Just like in books and mystery movies, this bookshelf is shaped like a maze.  It is made with ecologically pure particle board. ...Read More..

Regular price $244.95

Pixel Art Frame

This bluetooth controlled LED frame lets you display over 180 different works of art by different artist on this one frame.  You can change the image whenever you like and even add your own GIF animation.  Hang it on ...Read More..

Regular price $215.86

Robotic Lawn Mower

Automate your lawn mowing work to this smart lawn mowing robot then sit back and watch it do your job for you.  The WORX Landroid robotic lawn mower works quietly and efficiently to cut your grass to perfection.  It h...Read More..

Regular price $873.95

Sit Stand Desk

Adjust your desk to a standing one to improving your posture, productivity and overall health.  This height adjustable standing desk converter lets you sit and stand at your desk with one finger adjustment capability....Read More..

Regular price $245.00

Giant Chess Set

Challenge your brainiac friends with a game of giant chess.  This is a game that you and your friends of all ages will enjoy playing.  The giant set comes complete with 32 large chess pieces and a giant chess mat. ...Read More..

Regular price $454.00