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Finger Football

Play soccer with your hands while watching a soccer match.  These fun finger feet will let you have a blast with your friends and family when you put them on.  The set comes with four feet and a soccer ball to kick ar...Read More..

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Waterbaloon Slingshot

Make summer ultra fun by blasting your friends with water balloons.  This awesome slingshot is easy to use and perfect for a great aim.  Make your water balloons travel much farther and hit their target with precision...Read More..

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Magnetic Chess Board

Keep all your chess pieces in their place at all times with this magnetic chess board set.  Never worry about messing up a play and losing them.  Once you are done playing a game then j...Read More..

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Light Up Bath Toy

Make it fun for your toddler to take a bath with these fun light up LED floaters.  They are water proof and light up in multiple colors.  Just like rubber ducks, they float on top and look like futuristic toys in the ...Read More..

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Practice Suture Kit

Practice your suturing skills with this fun pocket size suture kit.  Pull it out of your pocket whenever you get bored and instantly transform into a world where you are performing surgery.  Wether you're a medical st...Read More..

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Law School In A Box

Teach kids about logic and law early on.  Playing with toys that spark their interest in specific subjects can inspire them to think outside the box.  This is the perfect way to get your kids engaged in activities tha...Read More..

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Alpaca Ornaments

Add these cute alpacas to your tree this year and make your Christmas special.  These are the perfect gift for ornament collectors and anyone who loves cute things.  Kids love alpacas, especially ones that are dressed...Read More..

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Birthday Cake Slime

Every kid loves to play and experiment with slime.  This is the ultimate handmade slime with the perfect consistency to get your hands on.  It is super satisfying to play with and to squish.  Great for youtube videos ...Read More..

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Satisfying Pimple ...

Pop those nasty pimples without worrying about infections or spreading the bacteria.  This little pimple toy lets you squeeze those puppies right out of their pores to give you the satisfaction of clearing out your sk...Read More..

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