Third Eye Sunglasses

Wear these awesome third eye sunglasses for a futuristic fashion look.  The third sense on the forehead gives the illusion that you come from a world far away in the galaxy.  These are the perfect glasses for parties ...Read More..

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Security Belt

This special belt has a hidden compartment to stow away your valuables and keep them hidden from sticky fingers.  Perfect for traveling and for busy places where you can easily drop your money and credit cards. ...Read More..

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Light Up Cowboy Hat

This beautiful neon cowboy hat is perfect for special events.  Wear it for a pop of color at night and be the life of the party.  It comes with three different light speeds; solid, blinking and flashing. It's battery ...Read More..

Regular price $39.00

Heated Hat

Keep your head warm in the cold weather with this cordless heated hat.  With one press of a button, you can instantly warm up your head.  It features 3 heat levels, low, medium and high with an LED indicator light.  I...Read More..

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Comic Book Suit

Make a grand entrance when you step into your party wearing this comic book onomatopoeia suit.  It has all the loud exclamations you can make in a comic book printed boldly on your suit.  This is the suit that will se...Read More..

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LED Faux Fur Coat

Light up the dance floor with your awesome LED faux fur coat.  This amazing coat shines brightly in the night with beautiful multicolored lights with the press of a button.  It works with batteries and a switch to eas...Read More..

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Bae Watch Swimsuit

Wear the iconic one piece swimsuit to the beach with a funny twist. Instead of Bay Watch this beautiful red swimsuit says "Bae" Watch.  The beach is the perfect place to do a little bae watching anyway so wear this sw...Read More..

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Embroidered Fishne...

Spice up your ripped jeans by wearing these beautifully embroidered floral fishnet stockings underneath.  Make your outfit pop and stand out from the rest of the crowd.  Pair it with a skirt or shorts to give it that ...Read More..

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Magnum PI Shirt

Live a life of a PI from your favorite television drama series starring Tom Selleck.  You can be that private investigator living in Hawaii on the island of Oahu like Tom Magnum the popular tv show character did.  Thi...Read More..

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