Hangry Lunch Box

  • $16.99

Eat your lunch from this funny and witty lunch box that tells it like it is.  The term Hangry is the perfect way to describe that feeling of hungry and angry at the same time.  Lets face it, most of us get a little irritated when we don't get served our lunch on time.  When that hunger sets in, the anger comes along with it.  This clever lunchbox describes exactly that feeling in order to ensure that you don't get disturbed at your lunch time.  This is a real thing, it has been scientifically proven that there is such a thing as being "hangry."  Take advantage of this knowledge and let everyone around you know that when it's time for you to eat you cannot be disturbed.  This classic style lunch box comes in 100% cotton material that is machine washable.  It also features a velcro strap for easy carry and securing it closed.